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Discover Olustee

The Annual Olustee Battle Festival and Reenactment is February 16-18. The annual three-day event draws thousands of visitors each year. The festival is held in Downtown Lake City, FL, at Olustee Park on Friday and Saturday. Downtown you will see vendors and crafters, historical displays, entertainment, the annual parade, the skirmish between the Merrimack and the Monitor on Lake DeSoto, and much more! The reenactment is located at nearby Olustee Battlefield State Park. The official battle reenactment takes place on Sunday. Thousands of reenactors from all over the southeast encamp the grounds where the battle took place over 150 years ago. Once stepping into the park, you are transported back in time as you take in the sights and sounds. See medical demonstrations, cavalry tactics, artillery firings, army encampments, drill and ceremonies and more. Come out and see this important part of Florida’s history! Visit for more information.

Refurbished, repurposed.

Looking for low-budget, unique gift ideas with a personal touch?

You may find what you need through LakeCity4sale to get you started! From such things as used furniture, clothing, and salvaged or left-over building materials, and a little inspiration, you can create a memorable, treasured gift. Check Pinterest for some inspiration; shop on LakeCity4sale for used furniture, antiques, miscellaneous home & garden items, clothing & accessoriestools or whatever else that you might imagine; hit up local garage sales; then make your vision come to life!


The Suwannee Bicycle Association of White Springs is hosting Ididaride XXIV, an off-road bicycle endurance challenge through the woodlands along the Suwannee River on Saturday, January 27. Entry fee includes continental breakfast, mid-ride lunch, snacks, and post-ride dinner. Proceeds will be used to develop more off-road bicycle trails and other facilities. Interested in participating in the challenge or volunteering? Click here for more information.

Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane SeasonMake a plan. Know how you will be able to communicate with your family in case you are apart in the event of a disaster, care for pets, & shut off your utilities.

Gather essential supplies including enough food & water to sustain you & your family for at least 72 hours. Other items you will want to have on hand include a battery-powered or hand crank radio, flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kit, garbage bags, moist towelettes, bleach, blankets, matches, a manual can opener, paper goods, local maps, paper & pencil, & important documents such as IDs, insurance policies, & financial documents in a water-proof container. You’ll want to consider any special needs your family may have which may include prescription medications, baby formula, or pet food.

Secure your property. Cover your home’s windows, install straps to further secure your roof, trim shrubs & trees, & bring in or secure loose outdoor items such as patio furniture & garbage cans.

For more on how you can be prepared, visit,,, & Columbia County Emergency Management,


Tagging Ads with Keywords

The following guidelines for tagging ads with keywords will help you sell your stuff faster:

  • separate tags with a comma
  • a tag should almost never be more than two or three words
  • tag with both specific and general words like “swimming pool” and “pool”
  • use singular rather than plural (leave off the “s” at the end) unless its necessary for a word like “parts” or “plants” or you would normally search for the plural form
  • don’t use punctuation
  • always tag breed & features that are likely to appear in other ads
  • limit to about 3 to 5 tags
  • don’t tag common words that aren’t specific to your item
  • capitalize the first letter of proper names and brands
  • double-check your spelling
  • don’t use all caps unless it’s an acronym
  • also tag abbreviations such as “VW” for “Volkswagen”
  • tag with “wanted” if you are looking to buy something
  • tag with “trade” if you are willing to trade
  • tag with “free” only if the item is truly free without having to buy anything else
  • don’t repeat the category in the tags
  • tag colors, materials, etc.
  • don’t tag locations if you have already entered them in a location field