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Dr. Kanoy has loved cats all her life. Her first Himalayan in 1995 , a female, convinced her that this is the most loving as well as the most beautiful breed, so she acquired a male and began to breed occasionally, with the kittens raised in the house.
All these years later, our Himalayan babies come from 2 young adult gorgeous, loving parents: Shizari, a blue point female, and Dumuzi, a seal point male. They are registered with the National Cat Fanciers association, and,of course, have regular health check-ups. Living throughout the house and in their own tiled screen porch with a rock wall and cat tree, they are surrounded by "educational" toys and furniture. The kittens are adored and adorable, handled every day to socialize, so that they become uncommonly friendly and fun. Beware! Anyone who comes to see them can't walk away without one!



Himalayan Kittens

August 10, 2022

Doll-face Himalayan babies expected in mid-Sept. Ready to go to new homes 8 weeks later. Meanwhile I can send you weekly updates if you […]