Staffing Services and How They Work

January 25, 2021 Blog




With the economy falling on hard times in the last few years, many individuals have been pushed back into the job market after a long hiatus. The unfamiliarity of trying to find a job has left many feeling lost. Staffing services help bridge the gap between employers needing to meet company goals and qualified workers looking for employment.

A staffing agency can help you find the right job.

Apply to Several Jobs at Once

Staffing agencies help people who are searching for a job. It starts with employers listing jobs with the agency. Since the agency has already received applications, it looks for qualified applicants. If the agency thinks you are a match, it will have an initial meeting to interview you and give a skills or aptitude test to further determine your abilities. For positions requiring specific skills, agencies may advertise in the classifieds to find new applicants.

Early on, it will be necessary for you to consider their availability and willingness to relocate or work at home. A local agency can also help job seekers relocate to the area by helping them find a job before they move.

Assistance to Find the Right Job

A representative from the staffing agency will often work directly with you. Following the initial interview session, the agent will look for openings that fit your resume and experience. Whether it’s a specific opening or a recurring position, when the agent finds a match, they recommend you to the employer.

Once the staffing agency has made a choice on a candidate for a specific position, the candidate will then go on to interview directly with the employer. Pending the outcome of the interview, the employer will either directly hire someone or take them on a temporary basis.

Temp Work Can Be Long Term

As a temporary employee, you will work for the staffing agency, perhaps for more than one employer. The employers pay the agency and the agency pays you. In most cases, a temp position is project related and lasts a set amount of time. This is common for construction or manufacturing projects that need extra hands. However, secretarial positions can continue past the set time frame. If you are the great worker, you may be hired to a full time position.