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Indian Runner Ducklings

August 31, 2023

Indian Runner Ducklings. Price depends on age. Starting at $10.



Pigs Piglets

August 31, 2023

Piglets. Meishan, pot belly, piney woods. Prices start at $40. Prices vary depending on age, breed and amount purchased.



New Zealand Bunny Rabbits

August 31, 2023

New Zealand Bunny Rabbits. Born 4/10/2023



Pre Laying Hens Chickens Pullets

August 21, 2023

Pre Laying Hens Chickens Pullets. Born 4/4/23. Heavy egg layer breeds. $30 each. Discounts on 10 or more.



Heritage Turkey Poults

August 17, 2023

Heritage Turkey Poults. Price depends on age. Starting at $10. Bulk discounts on 10 or more.



Female Chicks

August 11, 2023

Want a colorful basket of eggs? We have multi color egg laying baby chicks that lay true and will be available on Fri, Aug […]