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Laying Hens $25

September 22, 2023

Hens 5 turken/ naked neck 1yr to 5months 2 speckled Sussex 5 months 2 buff Plymouth rock Breeding Roosters available too 1 turken/naked neck […]

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Bantam Serama Cross Roosters

September 21, 2023

My beautiful little ones are growing up and looking for a new home. They are very friendly and love to sit on your shoulder […]



Indian Runner Ducklings

August 31, 2023

Indian Runner Ducklings. Price depends on age. Starting at $10.



Pre Laying Hens Chickens Pullets

August 21, 2023

Pre Laying Hens Chickens Pullets. Born 4/4/23. Heavy egg layer breeds. $30 each. Discounts on 10 or more.



Heritage Turkey Poults

August 17, 2023

Heritage Turkey Poults. Price depends on age. Starting at $10. Bulk discounts on 10 or more.



Female Chicks

August 11, 2023

Want a colorful basket of eggs? We have multi color egg laying baby chicks that lay true and will be available on Fri, Aug […]



Mille De Fleur d’Uccle Roosters

July 26, 2023

beautiful bantam roosters. Great house chickens. Very small with feathered feet



Road Island Red Rooster

July 13, 2023

One year old rooster. Mild tempered. Good breeder.



Roosters Barnyard Mix

June 14, 2023

About 6 roosters for sale. Very healthy about 17 weeks old, barnyard mix. 2.00 per rooster, They have to go quickly.

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Chickens for Sale

May 22, 2023

Beautiful 7-8 week old Brahma and Brahmacana pullets & roos bred for color and temperament, now available for a limited time.



Silkie chicks hatching soon!

We have silkie chicks getting ready to hatch. There will be lots of fun color varieties to choose from. Straight run (unsexed) $8 each, […]



Laying hens for sale

May 10, 2023

Laying hens for sale. 2 1/2 months old. Brown egg laying hens.



Rhea chicks (baby rheas) (ñandú)-white

Rhea chicks for sale: Have some white baby rheas (chicks) for sale. $290 ea All babies are unsexed. I will not know if they […]



Brahma Chicks (Unsexed)

April 23, 2023

Brahma chicks, straight run, hatched 4/12. Full light and light/dark mix. 24 available.

brahma hens


Brahma Chicks (Unsexed)

April 23, 2023

Brahma chicks, light and light/dark brahma mix chicks, hatched 4/29, straight run (upon placing ad made me choose male or female, these are unsexed) […]



Rhode Island rooster

April 22, 2023

Beautiful 1year old rooster. Home raised. Will trade for a young Hen.



Silkie chicks available!

April 17, 2023

Satin silkie/silkie chicks looking for a new coop. There’s a small chance of a slight mix, as there was one silkie mixed rooster with […]



Blonde, White & Standard Emu Chicks

March 22, 2023

Emu breeding season has begun and our emus have just started laying eggs. We will be hatching our first batch of emu eggs in […]



Barnyard mix chickens

March 11, 2023

I have 3 week old barnyard mix chickens for sale. All from good brown egg laying breeds. $6 each, I have about 30 available



Baby Chicks

March 7, 2023

Baby Rhode Island red and broad rocks