Poultry - Florida (18)

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Lavender & Silver Laced Orpington Chicks

April 10, 2021

English Orpington chicks located in North Lake County. $12/chick straight run. Don’t settle for hatchery quality! These are big chickens and farm raised with […]


Marans chicks

March 14, 2021

6 week old chicks, eating good and growing fast and very friendly. Cockerels $10 Pullets. $18



Golden Comet chicks ( SOLD )

March 14, 2021

12 week old pullets. growing fast and free ranging on the early bugs and grass. can produce over 300 eggs a year with good […]

ISO egg cartons

March 1, 2021

12 count egg cartons will pick up if close by or if you want to delivery I can tell you where to drop off […]



Farm Fresh Eggs $3

February 28, 2021

I have farm fresh eggs pic daily from happy healthy girls. $3 a dozen or $2. 25 for 18 pack of smaller ones



Call Duck Hatching Eggs

February 22, 2021

Variety of call duck hatching eggs. We have a flock of pied, chocolate bibbed, fawn and white, chocolate pied, blue bibbed, blue magpie, gray […]



Easter Eggers

February 21, 2021

8 months old laying now, 10 young easter eggers. we are wanting female ducks so selling all 10 for $80 born last July plus […]



Fresh Duck Eggs

February 15, 2021

Free range ducks eggs! Collected fresh daily. Perfect for breakfast and also drastically improves all your baking recipes as a substitute for chicken eggs. […]




February 15, 2021

Looking for rare, cute ducks to add to your backyard collection? Look no further! We hatch ducklings monthly so call us today to place […]



10wk Blue egger chickens and roosters (blue egg gene)

February 12, 2021

Prairie blue bell eggers hatched on Dec 2st. Raised in Florida. 7 hens and 3 roosters of verious colors. They should start laying BLUE […]

looking for turkeys to buy

February 4, 2021

i’m looking for toms / male turkeys to buy i will also consider hens/ females please text or call me at 407-232-3900 thank you


Game Roosters

February 4, 2021

$100 for each rooster.



Roosters (meat)

January 25, 2021

I have 100 (11 weeks old) Kosher King roosters for sale….. these are meat birds $8 each….. you can call/text Angie 386-266-4410 Thanks


Showgirl Silkie Rooster

January 11, 2021

White/Grey Showgirl Silkie Rooster approx 5-6 months old free to a good home.



barnyard mix chicks

January 4, 2021

I have baby chicks for sale $2 each. They are barnyard mix from Australorp, Ameraucana, Rhode Island. You can come an pick the one […]



Game Rooster

January 4, 2021

For breeding purposes only. Need to sell have to many. $50 each



Hens & Pullets

November 2, 2020

We have multiple laying hens available. Rhode Island Reds–laying soon $22 (2) Rhode Island Reds–laying now $25 (1) Buff Orpington–new layer $20 (one available) […]



Rehoming 5 guinea fowl

September 26, 2020

Hatch date 6/24, 1 lavender (f), 2 pearl grey, 2 royal purple