Other Pets - Florida (17)




Pygmy Billy Goats

One 18 month old black and white ready now and two younger white ones with little bit of black will be ready to go […]

Goat Oatley


Dwarf Goat

MALE Dwarf Goat, behaves like a dog, very docile, intact


Dog Training

Every dog, with a willing owner, is trainable (regardless of breed, age or issues). I work with all breeds of dogs using positive reinforcement […]



Holland Lop Doe

JR Holland Lop doe available. Super sweet and friendly. Will make a great breeder or pet. Tort color and full pedigree



Crested Parakeets

Males and Fenales . 4 months old. Diferents color.



8 week old Male Julianna Pig

Male 8 week old Julianna Pig He has been dewormed. Wish i could keep him but my dogs keep trying to attack him and […]



180 gal Reef Aquarium

** MUST SELL ** Divorce, moving, cannot take with me. Need to sell. Used – in good condition 180 gallon All Glass, Dual Overflow […]



Male & Female Chinchilla with cage

2 chinchillas with large cage. Comes with wooden ledges, dust bath house, hut, water bottle, food dish



Pedigree mini rex bunnies

Beautiful soft mini rex bunnies. One solid black One black with a couple white Mark’s One black and white. All are litter trained.



Beautiful young male chinchilla

Beautiful healthy champion chinchilla White and gray. Very fluffy

ISO yellow quaker parrot


Iso Yellow Quaker, Hand Tamed

Veterinary Nurse ( mostly retired) in Gainesville FL would like to purchase a Yellow Quaker Parrot as a pet. I will give him/her a […]

For Sale – Baby Chicks

We over hatched baby chicks for our own use. Deal for the chicken lovers out there. $1.25 ea for straight run.



Beautiful chinchilla

Beautiful male chinchilla. White ebony. Very fluffy. Very friendly. He won first place at the chinchilla compitition in color and fur quality.



nigreain dwarf goats and fainting goats

I have all kinds of goats from babies to adults they are $100-$250 my number is 8505198209



baby goats for sale

I have lots of baby girl goats for sale.. 3 months old… ready to leave mommy… fun and adorable .please give me a call



Sun conure babies

I have 2 babies hand feeding $175 each, and two weaned that were hand fed $275 each. They’re beautiful!



Veiled chamelion

I have a adult make veiled chamelion about two years old very take just a little squirming at times but over all very chill. […]